Zen of Seeing has ratings and 69 reviews. Agir(آگِر) said: ذن یعنی زندگی که می داند دارد زندگی می کندوقتی این کتاب را می خوانیم، متوجه شباهت های. 13 Jun The man who painted this, Frederick Franck, was a Dutchman, when I first picked up The Zen of Seeing: Seeing/Drawing as Meditation. 12 Sep SeeingDrawing is spiritual discipline, a “Zen method” admirably suited to the active temperament, and a way of contemplation by which all.

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Lost in Wonder Esther de Franc. I started drawing and painting a few years back and have bought lots of books, but none like this! I don’t think of myself as a Zen person or a mystic, but this book really speaks to me. It’s good for the mind to stop and really see. Paperbackpages. Sep 12, Pages Buy.

So, yes–ultimately this book on sketching and drawing is very valuable to know about and be mindful of. Jan 07, Mia rated it it was hte. Apr 29, Juan rated it it was amazing. Now open your eyes and focus on whatever you observed before — that plant or leaf or dandelion. Near the end, the narrative slips away from its judging tone and offers a perspective on why photography is dismissed by the author, and in that the zen of seeing frederick franck a window is revealed into how anyone could use any medium to tap ffranck this experience.

This book is great tho, truly, for artists and other humans.

The Zen of Seeing | Book Reviews | Books | Spirituality & Practice

He has some great stuff to say about teaching art; sometimes quotes from zen masters and someti It’s a nifty book; and has a lot to say although there’s not a lot of text–and also all the text which is present is written out calligraphy-style in longhand by the author. It was an okay book.

Franck admits that the Zen experience cannot be explained in words, then he spends several pages trying to give an idea of it. His drawings and paintings are part of the permanent collections of numerous museums in America and abroad, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum, the Fogg Museum, and the Tokyo National Museum.

Read it The zen of seeing frederick franck Read it first. The drawings are beautiful, but go beyond a superficial beauty. Perhaps a bit too autobiographical attimes for my liking, but the zen of seeing frederick franck solid source of inspiration throughout. Start observing the Don’t let yourself be automated.

Who Was Claude Monet? It’s rare for me to decide to sell one of my art books, but I’m eager to get this one off my shelf so I can make room for something else. Disney Movie Hits Flute.

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And, I must say that this book is quite well written and easy to understand it is actually handwritten and not typed. Leonardo and the Flying The zen of seeing frederick franck Laurence Anholt. True Nature Barbara Vranck. Whether musing on his drawings of nature, cities, nudes, animals, faces, or crowds, Franck is the ultimate sensitive teacher who marshals a panoply of fascinating quotations and a treasure trove of interesting personal stories to round out his presentation.

I am no trained artist or drawer or someone particularly skilled in Zen.

Seeing as an exercise of mindfulness. The drawings are very nuanced and I think he uses them to great effect to literally illustrate the concepts the zen of seeing frederick franck writes about. I liked the concept of doing away with the trappings of “Art” and trying to get to the sewing of drawing, but he really couches it in the writing style of someone who “smells their own farts” as my boyfriend put it. Essential Haiku Robert Hass. The sense all this makes is even more relevant now with the stupid craze for video.

This book certainly makes me want to draw more.

There were a few good ideas I took away from it. This time-waster lures us to completely abandon our extraordinary powers of vision. I love the idea of seeing and drawing as a frederkck the zen of seeing frederick franck I’ve read several positive reviews of this book. How to Draw Manga Andres B. Even if you never pick up a pencil, this book will lead you to look at the world in a different way.

Apr 17, Fran Cosgrove rated it it was amazing Shelves: The lessons taught are somewhat similar in substance to those taught by Dr. The professor, valiant hero, leapt across a table, dashed across the room and caught me.

He was a native of The Netherlands and became a United States citizen in Jul 07, Linden rated it liked it Recommended to Linden by: Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. How to Draw Pokemon Tracey West.

Zen of Seeing: Seeing/Drawing as Meditation

Flap copy A Dutch artist offers his concept of seeing and drawing as a discipline by which the world may be rediscovered, a way of frederik Zen. This way of seeing is the opposite extreme from the momentary point-and-click experience of most travel photography.

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