The Warriors is a novel writen by Sol Yurick in It was later a inspiration for a movie by Walter Hill that was later released 14 years after the book was. The Warriors was first published by Sol Yurick in though he undertook extensive research prior to publishing his book that led him to realise that gangs . The basis for the cult-classic film The Warriors chronicles one New York City gang’s nocturnal journey through the seedy, dangerous subways and city streets of.

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It is a s cult classic about a gang from Coney Island called The Warriors. The plot is similar. Published April 7th by Grove Press first published Different to ssol movie, grittier and reads like the warriors sol yurick form of social commentary as well as entertainment.

Get it because, you know, no one cares and they will always put you down in the end, Jim, and the only word that counts is, you know, Now. This edition wrriors a new introduction by the author. Hector, who plays the equivalent of Swan, insisted that they keep their badges on the warriors sol yurick show their solidarity and because every cop or gang would come down on them regardless. Cyrus was shot twice. I just recently saw the movie and became obsessed with it, so the next logical step was to read the book.

At the warriors sol yurick worst, it seems a quaint time capsule. After a while, the train is stopped due to track work and the gang must take a different route.

This book is very twisted in a good way because it has a bit of everything. At this point in Anabasisa mercenary Greek army found themselves stranded thousands of miles from the sea, surrounded by rivals.

The Warriors (Yurick novel) – Wikipedia

Hinton takes the warriors sol yurick the role of soo, even though Dewey outranks Hinton. I loved the movie and picked up the book hoping to find something equally enjoyable.

When Arnold disappears amidst the rage of Ismael’s gang members, it is up to Hector, the new leader of the Coney Island Dominators, to lead the remaining delegates from the Bronx back to Coney Island, passing through enemy-ridden the warriors sol yurick turfs. It took a few pages to get use to this style but it really fits in with this story. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I can see where he’s going with these things. The basis for the cult-classic film The Warriors chronicles one New York City gang’s nocturnal journey through the seedy, dangerous subways and city streets of the s.

A long illness led to a medical discharge in The concept was good, but the delivery weak. In another the warriors sol yurick part of the the warriors sol yurick, one of the characters gets separated from the rest of the gang and finds himself in the subway playing the Sheriff shooting duel arcade game determined to beat it to prove how strong he is and to show that he can fight just as good as the other members of his street family.

I have done yyurick best to infer the route based on my reading of the novel. It became the inspiration for the cult classic movie The Warriors.

He the warriors sol yurick several years doing research for the book in Kings County and Bellevue hospitals in New York, taking mental notes, as he tried to figure out the way a grieving father might take revenge upon those whose indifference led to aol death of his son.

In the book The Dominators hide out in the graveyard after escaping the conclave just like The Warriors, but in the book many of them are scared about the warriors sol yurick in the graveyard and worry about the ground opening them up around them or that they will be attacked by ghosts.

Review of The Warriors by Sol Yurick

Although I admire Yurick’s delineations, I have to admit, perhaps guiltily, that I enjoy Hill’s series of action set-pieces more, and think they probably are truer to the spirit of the Anabasis which I have not read, to date. Lunkface takes wrriors liking to her, but she only seems interested in Hector. After seeing this many gangs thought that Ismael had set them up. It was almost the warriors sol yurick if the violent acts were commited by the gang as a whole, and not the sum of it’s parts.

Apr 02, Mark rated it really liked the warriors sol yurick. He studied at New York University after the war, majoring in literature.

That was more powerful. Views Read Edit View history. The warriors sol yurick much struggle by the various gangs to get to this summit location without tipping off the city’s authorities–no mean feat–the conference falls apart nearly from the get-go; violence erupts and the police storm this all-too-brief gangland utopia.

In the book, the meeting is done on the quiet and in the dark, so as not to tip off authorities, with Ismael’s speech of solidarity whispered from ear to ear in the crowd. The book is certainly a deep resource of material for fans of the movie and also answers some of the questions most frequently the warriors sol yurick by fans such as why the gang did not drive or get a lift home and why they did not just take their colours off.

I will admit that they do some pretty terrible things, but in the end I the warriors sol yurick not hate them for it. As a result I began to think in terms of the rather unrealistic multi-racial gang in the film version–a politically correct demographic configuration that Yurick rightly states would not have existed in NYC street gangs–at least not back then.

The warriors sol yurick characters are not as likable What is the sa The Warriors movie is loosely based on this book. But in general I found this to be a waste of time, and had I anything else to read, I probably wouldn’t have finished it. And then a revelation because the novel is so troubling and insightful on its own terms.

One chapter in the book did affect me deeply, though.

Some of them would go junkie, or psycho; they knew what that meant. The Warriors follows the Dominators making their way back to warriors home territory without being killed.

The Warriors follows the Dominators making their way back to their home territory without being killed. While waiting for him to arrive, the warriors sol yurick gang gets restless and jumps the subway. It’s also warrirs to note that every last one of Yurick’s antiheroes including the protagonist, Hinton are far uglier human beings than the somewhat more idealized heroes in the film with the exception of that d-bag Ajax, of course. I can dig it. In Yurick’s book – the dialog IS the action.

Kid brother, carries a comic book the story of the forced march Dewey: He worked with Bertell Ollmann on an alternative socialist boardgame to Monopoly, and began the warriors sol yurick on a Marxist detective story hopefully aiming to reveal the innocence of Julius the warriors sol yurick Ethel Rosenbergwho were found guilty of spying in