Editorial Reviews. About the Author. TRACY DEEBS collects books, English degrees, and lipsticks. She has been known to forget where-and sometimes. 21 Jun Tempest Maguire wants nothing more than to surf the killer waves near her California home; continue her steady relationship with her boyfriend. Tempest Maguire wants nothing more than to surf the killer waves near her California home; continue her steady relationship with her boyfriend, Mark; and take.

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With Tempest Rising, came many wonderful aspects I could not help but love. Tempest is a female surfer, so that was another bonus in this story, tempest rising tracy deebs lo and behold, she meets a mysterious guy who she feels incredibly drawn to and feel an tracu charge with him. A Few Red Drops: I loved the secondary characters as well.

Panicked and then devastated in the space of 2 sentences. She’s athletic, down to tempest rising tracy deebs, and is stuck between choosing between two worlds, gracy human one and the one she’s drawn to but knows little about, the Sea.

Review | Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs

The book didn’t do enough to flesh tempest rising tracy deebs either love interests, but I definitely liked Mark. The author actually talks about walking and crab-walking instead of swimming. When Kai shows up, it becomes clear who she’s really meant to be with. What started out like a cookie-cutter pressed mermaid story went in this whole other… tempest rising tracy deebs no, it went in the same direction as all of the cookie cutter mermaid stories go, but to be fair, it’s old enough for me to think that A it did it first and many that have come out since have been loose imitations and B it had just enough of a twist to set it apart from others.

Hope you love it! I’m seriously going to spazz out waiting to get my hands on book two! The heroine had to swim through a very, very tight dark tunnel to reach his not-on-human-maps castle and is told that it was the only way to get there, but then his room is full of old books, Tempest rising tracy deebs and state-of-the-art entertainment-systems and everybody is clad in hip designer clothes.

By the way, there was one thing that bugged me: Thumbs up to Ms. Just Tempest rising tracy deebs the Clouds. Mythical water creatures, magic, adventure, excitement, romance, surfing. She isn’t extremely compassionate.

The undeniable fact is: Refresh and try again. Oh, and I don’t get how you say you care about your family and friends, but the second you go under the pool you hardly think about them. She’s attempting to live a normal human life, including a romance with Mark, despite knowing that she’ll soon have to choose betwe It’s no secret to Tempest that she’s half-mermaid.

To save his life, Tempest drags him to the sea then tempest rising tracy deebs into the ocean to follow when tempest rising tracy deebs creatures swim away with him. Not that I mind the upfront nature because not every PNR has to be a mystery, but because the back story is SO important to the tone of the novel, that it really seems as though the author should have started from the beginning.

Awesome, I hope you love it! He didn’t have a distinct manner or anything. I liked tempest rising tracy deebs, actually but I guess I was busy with school stuff at the time. Enter Kona, the surfer she meets randomly during a gigantic storm.

Not to mention her reaction when a young, hot, mysterious surfer Kona pops up out of the ocean and starts putting the moves on her.

Tempest Rising (Tempest, #1) by Tracy Deebs

It’s hard to make people care about ALL of your characters. Books by Tracy Deebs. Mark is the jealous boyfriend type. Tempest Maguire was a refreshing YA protagonist from page one. Okay yeah it’s tempest rising tracy deebs series but Tempest, once she ends up in the underwater world, is literally surrounded by people tempest rising tracy deebs are crucial to her life and pretty much know everything- only they don’t tell her anything: And there’s so much mythology surrounding them.

I wanted to find out what made Tempest so different and exactly what Kona was. Both guys have their qualities that make them a good match for Tempest, it was hard to decide who I preferred, but in the end I think she made the right tempet. May 27, Lili rated it really liked it.

Tempest was a really great character as well, I loved her witt and snark. With school, that’s a tough feat! All in all, I loved this book, as you can probably tell, and as much as I knew I needed to at times, I couldn’t stop reading it no matter what.

I love everything about it. Tempest herself is a fabulous character that I loved getting to know. Besides, the truth is a nebulous thing. So when Tempest finally realizes she doesn’t have a real choice in the matter, it’s so tiring.

Have you read Tempest Unleashed yet? Some passages were lyrical, like they were part of a song, which is only fitting, being that the novel is about mermaids, the “sirens” of song.

You can have pretty mermaids and darken the water- but the characters holding it together have to tempest rising tracy deebs a tempest rising tracy deebs x-factor in order to pull it off and unfortunately in this tempest rising tracy deebs novel, it’s all about the guys. I read this book and Just for Fins around the same time and even though they are both mermaid books, they are very different. The “mysterious” aide that comes out of nowhere, tells Tempest her life belongs with the sea, and he came across as too 2-D.

To me, that aspect the novel was incredibly redundant.


fracy Tempest Rising was an awesome debut. She wants to be human, being a mermaid does not appeal to her in any shape or form, but when she is soon faced with danger, she is forced to reconsider what she truly wants. Oct 22, Kristi rated it liked it.

Its very rare that you come across a mermaid book so when I had a chance to read this wonderful sounding book I jumped right on board. And to tempest rising tracy deebs it a bit more strange, at times, Deebs didn’t take it far enough.