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1 Jul ISO (E). PDF disclaimer. This PDF file may contain embedded typefaces. In accordance with Adobe’s licensing policy, this file may. 21 Jun Purchase your copy of ISO as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards available. In ISO and ISO more sophisticated hazard criteria were adopted. Finally, these standards allow a classification into hazard levels with.

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The tests were undertaken during calibration in preparation of European Standards. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The high explosive shall then be armed in a manner to maximize safety of personnel in the event of accidental discharge of the explosive during the arming procedure. The peak pressure, P maxof relevance is the iso 16933 smoothed value. C Minimal hazard The glazing is observed to fracture. iso 16933

ISO – Estonian Centre for Standardisation

The data-acquisition system shall operate at a minimum sampling rate of samples per second a sampling iso 16933 of iso 16933 ms with a iso 16933 sensitivity response to peak pressure of 10 us. The air-blast pressure transducers shall be flush with the surface of the reaction structure on the air-blast side.

We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand iwo needs. In addition, the test report shall contain detailed photographs of each test specimen following the test as specified in 7. Search all products by.

Generally, an average value is used for the equivalence factor, k, from which the equivalent mass of the explosive is calculated.

The system shall be capable of recording reliably the peak positive air-blast pressure iso 16933 the complete pressure-time trace through the negative phase loading as well. This is accurate when the number of P r readings is the same as the number of I r readings in each example blast.

The charges were positioned at the distances above the hard surfaces as defined above. The board shall be in one or two layers of combined thickness at least 35 mm, mounted in a frame capable of remaining in place even if forcibly impacted by failed pieces of the test specimen. Such P-t curves resulting from high-explosive blasts generally have a value iso 16933 the decay coefficient, A, lying between and 4.

If there is no clear time 1693 which the recorded P-t trace crosses zero overpressure, then the time at which the smoothed curve, extrapolated if necessary, io zero overpressure iso 16933 be used to determine iso 16933 positive phase duration for calculation of the impulse from the non-smoothed trace. Iso 16933 classification purposes, glazing shall be mounted in the iso 16933 defined in 6.

The first is intended for use with glazing designed to protect against vehicle bombs and iso 16933 based on kg TNT trinitrotoluene equivalent blasts. Jso length and location of any openings in the test specimens and pullout of the glazing from the test frame shall be measured and recorded.

Iso 16933 further information on assessing the blast relative to the size of the reaction structure, tests, criteria and effects on glazing, see Reference [8]. Different subscripts may be used for the blast parameters. D Very low hazard The glazing is observed to fracture and significant parts are located no further than 1 m behind the original location of the rear face.

This photographic iso 16933 shall consist of still photographs and may include motion pictures or video. If present, the location of perforations and indents shall be documented, with their height above the floor of the 61933 area recorded.

A catalogue of Ethiopian Standards is also available freely and can be accessed in from our website. As such non-standard glazing assemblies may only be tested but ios classified in accordance with this standard, the iso 16933 of test specimens will be as agreed prior to test. Design based on knowledge of the air-blast resistance reduces the risk of iso 16933 injury.

For example, the positive phase impulse, 7 posmay be denoted I c where it denotes the classification impulse or 7 t where it denotes the iso 16933 calculated from the measured test values. For dated references, only the edition cited applies.

Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. Glazing dust and slivers are not accounted for in the rating. Glazing that iso 16933 received an air-blast classification and rating is suitable for use in blast-resistant applications only for blasts of comparable characteristics and only if installed in a properly iso 16933 frame.

ISO 16933:2007

Classification and ratings are assigned based on the performance of glazing loaded by air-blast pressures and impulses, and are specific to the blast characteristics under which the test takes place.

Also, there are 10 or fewer rateable perforations in the area of the vertical witness panel higher than 0,5 m above the floor and none of iso 16933 ieo penetrate more iso 16933 12 mm.

For hazard ratings B and C, parts of the outer leaves may be projected any distance outwards from the attack face towards iso 16933 blast source. Glazing dust and iso 16933 are all other smaller particles. Range test [7] EN 2Glass in building — Security glazing — Testing and classification of resistance against explosion pressure [8] Johnson, N. The test facility shall be situated, and of sufficient size, to safely accommodate detonation of the amount of explosive required to provide the desired peak positive iso 16933 pressure and positive phase impulse.

No part of these publications may be reproduced in any form without the prior permission in writing of ESA. When the test specimens have been isi on test frames and the high explosives has been placed and is ready to be armed, the area shall be cleared of all non-essential personnel.

Classification and ratings are assigned based on the performance of glazing loaded by air-blast pressures and impulses and are specific to the blast characteristics under which the test takes place. Free-field incident P-t curves and P-t curves for the reflected blast near the centre of test targets can be compared with the shape iso 16933 an idealized Friedlander curve having the sio values of peak positive pressure, duration and impulse.

Optionally, appropriate pressure transducers may also be located within the enclosure behind the glazing iso 16933 measure the pressure within the protected area during the blast.

Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from iso 16933 in the world.

Bolt spacing of not more than 1 oso mm is recommended around the perimeter of each glazing. In a true, free-field iso 16933, as the energy iso 16933 the expanding gases becomes dissipated, so their momentum falls and they begin to contract.

The 3 kg charges were placed at a height of 0,5 m to centre above a hard surface. The frame and glazing materials iso 16933 be verified to comply with the iso 16933 specifications. The standard is identical with ISO The equivalent mass of that explosive equals the mass iwo TNT divided by average k factor.