SKAND HAST REKHA Shastra. likes. This page will update videos regarding palmistry so that you can come to know the basics of palmistry. हस्तरेखा पढना सीखे | Hast Rekha Shastra download – हस्त रेखा पढ़ना सीखे हिंदी में Hast Rekha shastra ke upay in Hindi is Very good. 23 Jun Download Hast Rekha Shastra – हस्तरेखा apk and all version history for Android. हस्तरेखा पढना सीखे Hast Rekha Shastra in Hindi.

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Island in the thumb. A detailed palm reading helps us understand our inner traits and be prepared for future events accordingly.

In this course basics will be covered hast rekha shastra you will be able to read hands in a basic way. As we all know, Rekhw is the most popular and widely used science for predicting one’s future. Diseases indicated by nails.

Palmistry is basically the skill of knowing a person’s fortune and understanding his personality from his palm lines and related features. General characteristics of planets. Which hand do I read? Types of hand prints.

This course covers basic as well as advanced studies in hand reading. Duration 16 – 20 classes For admission and other details, please hast rekha shastra us hast rekha shastra or write to us at info gssaworld.

Angle, position of the thumb. At the time of birth rays of different planets fall on our body in different proportionate. Basic introduction to the lines in hast rekha shastra palm. Life line detailed study. Likewise it’s chart appear on the palms of newly born baby which is considered for the purpose of study of palmistry. Heart line hast rekha shastra children line detailed study.

Hast Rekha Shastra

Basic Course Level I During hast rekha shastra course students will be taught how to read the fundamentals of the hands which will prepare you for meaningful and accurate hand interpretations.

Markings and color of the nails. Special marks on the lines. Shape of the Hand.

Luck line detailed study. Trick 8 Ball Pool Hack Free. Detailed study of the mounts.

Free Hast Rekha Shastra APK Download For Android | GetJar

Skin of the hand and color of the skin. Palmistry Hast Rekha Shastra. We believe that a Palmist can interpret one’s character, fortune, and possible future events by “reading” the lines, marks, and mounts haxt the palm of a person’s hand. The nature and the almighty god are so powerful who have.

Sun Line hast rekha shastra study.

हस्तरेखा पढना सीखे | Hast Rekha Shastra –

Seven Types of hands. Quality, color, length of lines. Its graph is called chart of horoscope.

Developed and non-developed palm. It’s fun and easy, so when you’re ready? Meaning of loop, Arch and whorl in hands.