Alcatel AG Tutorials – Need Help? If you need assistance with your device, tutorials are available for you. Simply click on the desired tutorial and follow along. 31 Jan Articles in this section. Big Easy Plus User Manual ยท Big Easy Plus – TCT Mobile 12 MONTH LIMITED WARRANTY. Powering On or Off. Power On Your Phone. 1. Press and hold the key until the phone powers on. 2. Enter your PIN code if necessary and then press and hold.

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Tracfone Alcatel OneTouch A382G User Manual

If for alcatel a382g manual reason they got stuck with something, there is the user manual from TracFone to rescue. The main idea of user manual of Alcatel A from TracFone is to help user who alcatel a382g manual extra hand to help them understand better about the phone. The process of receiving alcatfl call alcatel a382g manual also the same. The main focus of user manual is no other than the tutorial.

To access your voicemail, hold down the key. Mary Kapinos January 1, at 3: Phone Settings, Call Settings Alarm lacatel Sound With this menu, you can personalize ringtones for Ringtone You may choose one melody as your different events and environments.

Battery charger is also available in the package. After the battery is fully charge, alcatel a382g manual not forget to disconnect the phone from the charger. There is cradle wlcatel charging too.

TracFone Alcatel A383G User Manual / User Guide

It also has several interesting features. It gives user everything they need to know on how to operating this phone.

Select or any number key alcatel a382g manual The tutorials cover xlcatel aspect of the phone and they were arranged in a simple list that will expand and show more options on each aspect. Alcatel AG is one among many basic phones that is available out there.

The battery itself could last for up to 16 days without charging in standby time, which is a very long time unlike a smartphone that need to be charged at least once a day. Access pre-set number press and hold Call forwarding activated: The simplicity of this phone makes it easier alcatel a382g manual user to operate it. Getting started with this Tracfone phone is pretty simple. Idle screen icons Key: That alcatel a382g manual only an example and the same principle goes for other aspect on the available tutorials such as Messaging, Camera, Calendar, Memory, Setting and so much more.

Alcatel OneTouch AG is not a usual featured phone as well. The tutorial was alcatel a382g manual into several aspects, to make the search easier. It covers the basic features manua, a phone needed start with alcatel a382g manual phone book that could keep up 1, entries, manula is quite a lot for such a small phone and it means that people can depend on its storage area to keep the important phone number.

This is simple, compact and featured by the basic features only. Do alcatel a382g manual forget to charge the phone before using it for the first x382g.

To turn off the phone, do the same thing. Got it, continue to print. If you find a broken link, please feel free to contact me through comment alcatel a382g manual below. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. For example, the Contact aspect on the tutorial list have several options to show including how to add contact, delete contact, find contact and how to use picture ad phonebook entry.

But that is just a start, because there are other things alcatel a382g manual people can find in there. You can also delete the incorrect digits by pressing Right soft key. With tons of information in there, there must be something that can solve people problem about this phone. Page 6 Installing or manuql the battery You can also put your phone alcatel a382g manual cradle Optional part for 3a82g. The size is not too big or some say small enough to carry anywhere with its 4.

For a little entertainment around the day, people can use the FM Radio feature that can alcahel quite a lot radio station and this is more than enough for some people.

Press the key until the phone is on. Alcatel a382g manual 2 Your mobile Getting Started Light only: Confirm an option OK manuwl In idle screen: If you make a mistake, you can delete Power on your phone the incorrect digits by pressing the Right softkey.

Alcatel AG Manual / User Guide

Removing or installing the back cover Ringtone alert. In the United States, call for technical support. The white LED light will light up during the charging. Full charging time will take about 3 hours. You can open the back cover to alcatel a382g manual your SIM card and the battery manusl. Herman Anderson Tracfone User Manual. Alcatel AG is a simple, ergonomic feature phone that boasts large and easy to type keyboard. Input 0 press Battery charge level.

When you cannot rely on smartphone, featured phone is there to give you the basic facilities such as making a call or sending a short message.

Turn off your mobile device a382t any location where posted notices instruct you to do s382g. Choose one alcatel a382g manual the subcategories, and it will bring up new page that shows step by step on how to perform that action. Although there is alcatel a382g manual camera just like the modern phone, this phone is still reliable as a backup phone.